Red Stone Pizzeria & Bagelry Cafe
Red Stone Pizzeria & Bagelry Cafe is a small independent business focussed on the provision of the finest quality produce at extremely reasonable prices. Traditional processes, quality ingredients and old world method ... taste the difference!
We are located in West End on the corner of Vulture st and Besant st, postcode 4101.
Open weekdays 11:30AM-10PM and weekends 5PM-10PM.
Call us on (07) 38 46 46 07

About Us

Red Stone Pizza, Ciabatta, Focaccia, Bagels & Manoushi are made from only the finest Italian flour. Our Pizza dough is long cold-fermented (72 hours) with our own unique Biga starter culture. Pizza is then hand-stretched, air-tossed & flash cooked on refractory stone at Ultra High Temps. The result is Authentic Black Leopard-spotted Neapolitan Pizza Pies.

Our attention to detail is evident in our toppings. Red Pepper & Eggplant are char-grilled & marinated in-house, and our elected small-goods of choice are sourced from a local Italian manufacturer.

We serve the Artisan fare that you would expect, but does not necessarily accompany, the slick decor, wine list and hefty bill of some high end establishments. Our focus is squarely on the food. We do provide friendly BYO service in a colourful, unpretentious and relaxed environment. Seating is available both inside and out, alongside our provision of quality food delivered to your door.

Red Stone is about old world process. We don't believe in shortcuts; our Bagels are kettle-boiled, hand-rolled and joined without the help of dough forming machines. Our Ciabatta is stone-baked from scratch using traditional techniques rather than modern production line efficiencies. Keeping traditional process alive.

Handmade with love in every serve ... taste the difference at Red Stone Pizzeria!

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 11:30AM-10PM
Sat-Sun: 5PM-10PM

Contact Details

Call (07) 38 46 46 07
to connect with Red Stone, your independent Pizzeria & Mediterranean Bakery
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